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An environment that will awaken and embrace your true, Bare Beauty through skincare and wellness services. 


Bare Beauty Spatique was founded on the idea of self-love, empowerment, and finding your inner strengths. Powered by leading edge industry technologies and over 20 years of experience, each of our professional services are hand crafted tools to reveal and enhance your inner and outer beauty - your natural super powers.

From the technical floor plan, quartz countertops and rose gold industrial chic accents and every thoughtful detail in between, Bare Beauty Spatique was handcrafted by Lindsey as she articulated her vision into reality.
“There is no identical place like Bare Beauty Spatique so I had no template.
It was like I was at the edge of a jungle with a machete and a dream..."

We are present in everything we do.  

At Bare Beauty Spatique, our main purpose is to restore energy and promote overall well-being. Our spa treatments are tailored to the needs of each guest. Choose from a range of luxurious services that provide instant, effective results such as the 3-in-1 Oxygen facial and Salt Glo body therapy, Exfoliations, and so much more! 

Beauty Spatique's core stems from the science of, interaction between, and magic behind the bare human anatomy, nature,  combined with the healing powers of energy itself. 


At Bare Beauty Spatique, we are pleased to welcome you to an environment that manifests everything we believe in. Our goal is to revitalize your sense of well-being while restoring your energy. Every treatment is unique to the individual. Your body, mind and spirit are all brought into perfect harmony.


Our purpose is to bring out the best version of you. 



Bare Beauty is ready and will open

May 9,2020.

We will begin scheduling appointments on Friday, May 8.

There is also an option to




3100 Chimney Rock Rd A-3

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